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Our team

We are a passionate team of creative storytellers and filmmakers. Each of us comes from a different background, but we all share the same drive for filmmaking and a deep respect and gratitude for military service-people. 

Warren Shultz


Warren is the originator of the American Warriors project. With an extensive prior background in video production and broadcast news journalism, Warren was the producer of the Central Oregon Daily news "War Stories" and later was the livestream technical director for Elijah List Ministries "Elijah Streams" Youtube Channel. With those experiences serving as inspiration, Warren decided to continue honoring veterans through the medium of film.

Bradley Lanphear


Bradley has been a professional filmmaker and photographer since 2010 and has directed and filmed commercials, documentaries and narrative short films for a notable list clients across the US and international.

The son of US Air Force Vietnam Vet, Leslie Lanphear, Bradley also participated in the USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol from 1996-2004 and served as a wilderness EMT as well as search and rescue instructor at the Hawk Mountain Ranger School.

Cody Rheault


Cody started his career as a photographer 15 years ago, eventually merging with the art of storytelling filmmaker 10 years ago. He has a background in TV broadcast media where he worked as Producer, Director, and Cinematographer for veteran and travel series throughout the state of Oregon. His work has taken him around the country and the world.His passions lie in documentary filmmaking and photography - telling meaningful stories that shed light on important issues and people. Cody also spent 2 years in the Marine Corps JROTC as Unit Commander, and USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol from 2005-2010.