Joe McPhail | Part 1 | WWII Corsair Pilot and USMC Veteran


Part 1 Young McPhail spent his youth in Tyler, Texas. Between classes and jobs he learned to fly at the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, cutting the skies, and his teeth, in a piper cub. His draw towards aviation grew and he set his sights on the next best opportunity, flying […]



His father was a Black American airman stationed in Japan. His mother was a Japanese girl who ran for her life during WWII. Years after the war, they met and married. Being of mixed racial decent from both sides of WWII, Wayne Dickson has a unique outlook, especially when it […]

The Spiritual Journey of WWII Vet Wally Holmer


Wallace Holmer, 96, said a simple prayer, “Lord, I don’t want to come home with my arms and legs blown off.” The 18 year old draftee entered the Navy in 1943 and found himself stationed on an LST, a Landing Ship Tank. It’s purpose, to drop soldiers and machines of […]

Lt Col Mark Novak | B-29 Doc


LT COL Mark Novak spent 27 years serving in the USAF and ANG, piloting the B-1 Lancer and KC-135, but when he retired, he didn’t stop flying. Today, with over 8,600 flying hours, he’s still racking up more flying the nearly 80 year old B-29 named “Doc” – one of […]

Paul Lesher Army WWII


From the small farm lands of the Great Depression and the dust bowl, Paul Lesher was enraged by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and found himself on the frontlines of World War II in Europe. He enlisted in the Army and fought some of the biggest battles in Europe, […]