Gary Stormer | Vietnam Veteran


Serving his country wasn’t an option, but in what capacity took Gary Stormer by surprise. In 1968 he was drafted. He studied Vietnam knowing that his destiny in the Army would take him there. His early days in the country were under the tasks of Military Intelligence, plotting maps and […]

George Endicott | Vietnam Veteran and Retired Mayor


Under the umbrella of Military Intelligence, George Endicott endured the horrors of war but didn’t defer his duty to country. His civilian life echoed his families sentiment for living in a country worth fighting for. “My core belief system says that everyone ought to serve society in some way,” he […]



From an early age there were high expectations. Throughout his career in Wrestling and the Army, David strived to meet them head on regardless of the circumstances – of which there were many. After a tour of duty in Mosul in the Infantry he passed Special Forces selection and completed […]



Born into the Great Depression, Donald Van Cleve spent his childhood dodging poverty and delivering newspapers when Pearl Harbor was attacked. When the Korean War broke out he joined the United States Marine Corps and trained in a squad managing heavy automatic weapons. He landed in Korea in May of […]

Pat Bowe | Bronze Star | Vietnam


US Army Veteran Pat Bowe received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for his actions during Operation Junction City with the 173rd Airborne Recon unit. The only combat jump in Vietnam since the Korean War. He still carries the shrapnel from his wounds more than 50 years later. This […]

Mark Wirges USMC Vietnam


Mark fought with the 9th Marines Division artillery during the historic battle of Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War. It was longest and deadliest battle of the war lasting 77 days. After the siege, the 9th Marines moved south to VanderGrift Combat base (LZ Studd) where a subsequent battle took […]