Mary Ryan | Desert Storm | Battlefield Deception


Military service is the common thread that weaves through her family legacy. From the Revolutionary War and nearly every conflict since, the value of serving one’s country was a fixture as deep as her DNA. When she enlisted in the Army, a small chapter in her Counter Intelligence manual caught […]

Cliff Brumels | The Shadows of War


When he joined the Army shortly after the end of Vietnam, Cliff Brumels never thought he’d be sent to a large scale conflict. After serving for more than a decade in a time of relative peace, he found himself on the ground in Iraq. Now, more than 30 years later, […]



He witnessed some of the most historic military events of the 20th century. A 2-part story, Mike Brock served 26 years in the US Marines. As a newly commissioned 2nd Lt, he was sent to Vietnam as a platoon commander where he lead troops on patrols and survived horrifying VC […]

Lance Powlison USMC Desert Storm


LCPL Lance Powlison shares his story of serving as a Combat Engineer and participating in the battle to liberate Kuwait International Airport from besieging Iraqi forces during Operation Desert Storm, 1991. I am brought to tears by the love and commitment of our military to protect this country and her […]