Cody Brown | EA-18G Growler Pilot


Part 1 of 2 He never planned on becoming a fighter pilot, but his search for a career with a brotherhood type of community lead him to Naval Aviation. Cody Brown is an actively serving Lieutenant in the US Navy and he sat down with AW Director Bradley Lanphear during […]

Joe McPhail | Part 1 | WWII Corsair Pilot and USMC Veteran


Part 1 Young McPhail spent his youth in Tyler, Texas. Between classes and jobs he learned to fly at the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, cutting the skies, and his teeth, in a piper cub. His draw towards aviation grew and he set his sights on the next best opportunity, flying […]

David Pete | Huey Crew Chief


One could say that David’s military “career” started in the 3rd grade when he attended military school in souther California. The structure and discipline led him to service in the Army where he was a tank driver in the 2nd Calvary, standing guard along the German borders for the potential […]

Keith Sime | Marine Corps Aviator


In college, a young Keith Sime fell in love. But not with a woman, instead with the allure of Naval aviation. After graduating Naval ROTC at Oregon State University, he joined the Marine Corps for a quicker transition into the pilot training pipeline. His first deployments were in electronic countermeasure […]



He opened a newspaper and saw a photo of an A-1 Skyraider and said, “I want to fly that.” Little did he know the legendary future that awaited him at the controls of that airplane. Jim Beggerly served 21 years in the US Air Force and was awarded 2 Silver […]