Cliff Brumels | The Shadows of War


When he joined the Army shortly after the end of Vietnam, Cliff Brumels never thought he’d be sent to a large scale conflict. After serving for more than a decade in a time of relative peace, he found himself on the ground in Iraq. Now, more than 30 years later, […]



From an early age there were high expectations. Throughout his career in Wrestling and the Army, David strived to meet them head on regardless of the circumstances – of which there were many. After a tour of duty in Mosul in the Infantry he passed Special Forces selection and completed […]



Following his fathers footsteps, Jason Galusha joined the Army as an MP in 1997. On the morning of Tuesday, sept 11, 2001, while he was training with his SWAT team, they heard the news and immediately received orders to secure the Pentagon. In his words, “We knew nothing would ever […]

Stuart Steinberg | Explosive Ordinance Disposal


From a troubled childhood to finding meaning in saving lives, Stuart Steinberg found his place as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal tech in the Vietnam War. He calls himself an “Existential Doctor”, by performing his job and saving lives. The disposal of explosives and identifying booby traps was common place, although […]

Pat Bowe | Bronze Star | Vietnam


US Army Veteran Pat Bowe received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for his actions during Operation Junction City with the 173rd Airborne Recon unit. The only combat jump in Vietnam since the Korean War. He still carries the shrapnel from his wounds more than 50 years later. This […]

Paul Lesher Army WWII


From the small farm lands of the Great Depression and the dust bowl, Paul Lesher was enraged by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and found himself on the frontlines of World War II in Europe. He enlisted in the Army and fought some of the biggest battles in Europe, […]