Mary Ryan | Desert Storm | Battlefield Deception


Military service is the common thread that weaves through her family legacy. From the Revolutionary War and nearly every conflict since, the value of serving one’s country was a fixture as deep as her DNA. When she enlisted in the Army, a small chapter in her Counter Intelligence manual caught […]

Daniel Lubofsky | LA National Guard | Combat Engineer


PART 1 of 2 In 1999, when Daniel Lubofsky joined the Louisiana National Guard, he had thoughts of his military service being 1 weekend a month and two weeks a year, and maybe some occasional hurricane disaster relief. He didn’t know that just 2 years after he joined, the course […]

David Pete | Huey Crew Chief


One could say that David’s military “career” started in the 3rd grade when he attended military school in souther California. The structure and discipline led him to service in the Army where he was a tank driver in the 2nd Calvary, standing guard along the German borders for the potential […]

Amanda Allen | Hunting Escaped Taliban Prisoners


Michigan-born Amanda Allen is a self-described adrenaline junkie. The fire department wasn’t enough so she joined the Army. Even though she wanted to be in the infantry and join the Rangers, as a female, she wasn’t allowed so the next closest option was Military Police. When she deployed to the […]

Lisa Herterich | US Army Nurse


She never had any plans of joining the military, but when Lisa’s father urged her to pursue an Army nursing scholarship to help their family, she found herself on a course she never expected but which she described as “the best decision of my life.”