His father was a Black American airman stationed in Japan. His mother was a Japanese girl who ran for her life during WWII. Years after the war, they met and married. Being of mixed racial decent from both sides of WWII, Wayne Dickson has a unique outlook, especially when it […]



Born into the Great Depression, Donald Van Cleve spent his childhood dodging poverty and delivering newspapers when Pearl Harbor was attacked. When the Korean War broke out he joined the United States Marine Corps and trained in a squad managing heavy automatic weapons. He landed in Korea in May of […]

Regan Hawthorne | 82nd Airborne Paratrooper


Inspired by his father who had served in the 82nd Airborne during the Korean War and two uncles who had served as paratroopers in Vietnam, Regan made the decision to follow their example of duty and service and likewise become a paratrooper. Nearly a year after joining, he was surprised […]

Richard Harley | Korean War Veteran


With a rich history of military service in his family, Richard Harley joined to do his part in the Korean War. He enlisted in the Navy and took up the dangerous position of Catapult Launcher. In 1952, the USS Rendova and it’s crew, including Harley, returned to the US and […]

George Aguilar | Last Warm Springs Veteran | Korean War

George Aguilar (92) is the last living veteran of the Korean War from Warm Springs Tribal Reservation in Central Oregon. In this episode he shares a proud heritage of Native Americans serving in the Armed Forces as well a fresh perspective on cultural identity in the light of historical tradition.

Floyd Stacy USMC Chosin Reservoir


Korea, 1950. The US X Corps attempted to force Chinese forces out of North Korea. The 1st Marines division pushed deep into North Korea to the Chosin Reservoir, but found themselves vastly outnumbered. Approximately 15,000 Marines found themselves facing 120,000 Chinese in some of the worst winter warfare conditions ever. […]