Mary Ryan | Desert Storm | Battlefield Deception


Military service is the common thread that weaves through her family legacy. From the Revolutionary War and nearly every conflict since, the value of serving one’s country was a fixture as deep as her DNA. When she enlisted in the Army, a small chapter in her Counter Intelligence manual caught […]

Col. James Ray | Prisoner of War


May 8, 1966 was the day that changed the course of his life. (Then) USAF Pilot Lt. James Ray started his day disappointed that, due to poor weather over his assigned target, he would not be able to fly that day. After requesting to switch targets with a different pilot, […]

Buddy Stewart | From Navy Veteran to Veteran Bagpiper


The sea captivated him at an early age and he knew the United States Navy was for him. Buddy was stationed in the bridge, steering the ship and assisting in navigation. But with some luck – and the grace of the Navy electing not to send him despite his voluntary […]

MIKE COLE | PART 1 | C-130 Pilot, Bosnia & Sarajevo 2002


Lt Col Mike Cole is currently serving with the 731st Tactical Airlift Squadron out of Colorado Springs. Our team had the privilege of interviewing him at the 2023 Rose City Airfest in Tyler Texas. Mike has served 29 years and will retire in September of 2023. Part 1 of 2 […]

Robert Mortensen | WWII Pacific Theatre Veteran


His father hunted bandits and fought in the Marine Corps during World War 1. When World War 2 started Robert enlisted, inspired by his fathers service and duty to country. After joining the Navy he spent his wartime deployment in the Pacific Theatre aboard an APc and LSI.