Military service is the common thread that weaves through her family legacy. From the Revolutionary War and nearly every conflict since, the value of serving one’s country was a fixture as deep as her DNA. When she enlisted in the Army, a small chapter in her Counter Intelligence manual caught her attention – Battlefield Deception. Used heavily during World War 2 and following conflicts, the deceptive manner of confusing the enemy had intrigued her. She didn’t realize that her skills would be so rapidly used until early August 1990 when Sadam Hussein invaded Kuwait. As the 3rd wave to respond, her unit deployed their decoys under the cover of night and rocket fire towards the Iraqi border. Their mission was to draw out the elite Iraqi Republican Guard from Baghdad and distract them from the main counter offensive of the 1st Calvary. The harrowing guard duty and heartstring-tugging encounters with prisoners would not only shape her perspective on war but her Christian faith as well.