Cody Brown | EA-18G Growler Pilot


Part 1 of 2 He never planned on becoming a fighter pilot, but his search for a career with a brotherhood type of community lead him to Naval Aviation. Cody Brown is an actively serving Lieutenant in the US Navy and he sat down with AW Director Bradley Lanphear during […]

Lewis Hollander | Atomic Veteran and Athletic Phenom


With a chemistry set at his disposal and unrestricted access to a modern array of volatile chemicals, a clever Lewis Hollander, at age 10, developed homemade explosives in his home. He sent his formula to the Department of the Army during World War II and was assured that while his […]

Sam Moyers | Antisubmarine Warship Naval Officer


For Sam Moyers, serving his country was never really a question of whether or not but when. His family history is rich with military service – his father survived 4 V-2 bombings in London and an uncle crashed off the coast of Vietnam. When his draft letter arrived after earning […]

Al Santoro | Vietnam Intelligence Officer


Vietnam was a land far away – a distant thought in his mind before a draft notice on the mantel brought reality rushing to him. He frantically joined the Navy in hopes of being a pilot but fate and a disdain for motion lead him to military intelligence and the […]

Dave Thomason Pt 1 | Top Secret Electronics Intelligence


He told his father that he was tired of school and he wanted to join the Marines. Dave Thomason joined in 1973 thinking that he would probably be sent to Vietnam. However, during basic training, his aptitude for technical skills set him apart from the crowd and he was offered […]