One could say that David’s military “career” started in the 3rd grade when he attended military school in souther California. The structure and discipline led him to service in the Army where he was a tank driver in the 2nd Calvary, standing guard along the German borders for the potential Soviet invasion. His second enlistment introduced him to the art of aviation maintenance and he was deployed to Vietnam in 1966. Learning to work on Hueys, it didn’t take long for David to accept a position as Crew Chief. He was the flying mechanic, responsible for the aircraft and also working as a door gunner. Many of his mission involved the dicey, bullet-ridden “hot” LZs where his crew took the brunt of the enemy force in an effort to protect troop landings. Tracer fire was a common incoming view and their helicopter once took 28 hits. But he and his crew never took personal injury despite being shot down twice. After his time in service, and a stint with the Army Reserves, David continues to serve till this day with the Redmond VFW Honor Guard.