Lauren Grigsby | Supplying the Fight


Raised in a military family rooted in Marine Corps traditions, Lauren knew military service was her future. As a cadet at the legendary Corps of Cadets, at Texas A&M, she honed her talent for military rigors and commissioned as a Marine Corps officer in 2001. After the terrorist attacks on […]

Daniel Lubofsky | LA National Guard | Combat Engineer


PART 1 of 2 In 1999, when Daniel Lubofsky joined the Louisiana National Guard, he had thoughts of his military service being 1 weekend a month and two weeks a year, and maybe some occasional hurricane disaster relief. He didn’t know that just 2 years after he joined, the course […]

Ben Holmes | Radio Operator – Iraq 2009


Part 1 Growing up in a broken home caused Ben to put up walls around his heart. When repeated sports injuries ruined his chances of a college scholarship, he joined the Marines. The training he received hardened him further and he was ready for war, but the daily stress and […]

Derek Abbey | F18 Pilot, JTAC, MARSOC


PART 1 Derek started life without a rudder or sail. A tragedy at age 13 left him yearning to find meaning – a pursuit into the Marine Corps filled that void. His career spanned multiple conflicts and MOS’s but for Derek the meaning of serving his country was utilizing his […]

Amanda Allen | Hunting Escaped Taliban Prisoners


Michigan-born Amanda Allen is a self-described adrenaline junkie. The fire department wasn’t enough so she joined the Army. Even though she wanted to be in the infantry and join the Rangers, as a female, she wasn’t allowed so the next closest option was Military Police. When she deployed to the […]



From an early age there were high expectations. Throughout his career in Wrestling and the Army, David strived to meet them head on regardless of the circumstances – of which there were many. After a tour of duty in Mosul in the Infantry he passed Special Forces selection and completed […]