Dennis Guthrie | Combat Medic in Vietnam


Dennis enlisted in the Army when he realized his student deferment was no good. The recruiter looked at his paperwork – his educational background in Biology and Kinesiology stood out – so he stamped his documents and Dennis went to Combat Medic school. When Dennis went to Vietnam he served […]

Al Santoro | Vietnam Intelligence Officer


Vietnam was a land far away – a distant thought in his mind before a draft notice on the mantel brought reality rushing to him. He frantically joined the Navy in hopes of being a pilot but fate and a disdain for motion lead him to military intelligence and the […]

Keith Sime | Marine Corps Aviator


In college, a young Keith Sime fell in love. But not with a woman, instead with the allure of Naval aviation. After graduating Naval ROTC at Oregon State University, he joined the Marine Corps for a quicker transition into the pilot training pipeline. His first deployments were in electronic countermeasure […]

Cliff Brumels | The Shadows of War


When he joined the Army shortly after the end of Vietnam, Cliff Brumels never thought he’d be sent to a large scale conflict. After serving for more than a decade in a time of relative peace, he found himself on the ground in Iraq. Now, more than 30 years later, […]

Gary Stormer | Vietnam Veteran


Serving his country wasn’t an option, but in what capacity took Gary Stormer by surprise. In 1968 he was drafted. He studied Vietnam knowing that his destiny in the Army would take him there. His early days in the country were under the tasks of Military Intelligence, plotting maps and […]

Dave Thomason | Combat Recovery for Veterans


Dave Thomason suffered numerous concussions over many years. The repeated head injuries took a serious toll on his cognitive ability and even forced him to retire from a job he loved. After a few years of facing an uncertain future, he found a new and effective treatment for brain injury […]