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Mark Novak B-29 doc

Lt Col Mark Novak | B-29 Doc

LT COL Mark Novak spent 27 years serving in the USAF and ANG, piloting the B-1 Lancer and KC-135, but when he retired, he didn’t stop flying. Today, with over 8,600 flying hours, he’s still racking up more flying the nearly 80 year old B-29 named “Doc” – one of […]

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Haden "Gator" Fullam A-10 Pilot

Haden “Gator” Fullam | A-10 Pilot | Afghanistan

USAF Maj Haden “Gator” Fullam is the commander and pilot of the Air Force A-10 Demonstration Team, but there’s much more to this story than just flying airshows. He earned his stunt pilot skills by flying combat missions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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He witnessed some of the most historic military events of the 20th century. A 2-part story, Mike Brock served 26 years in the US Marines. As a newly commissioned 2nd Lt, he was sent to Vietnam as a platoon commander where he lead troops on patrols and survived horrifying VC […]

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George Aguilar | Last Warm Springs Veteran | Korean War

George Aguilar (92) is the last living veteran of the Korean War from Warm Springs Tribal Reservation in Central Oregon. In this episode he shares a proud heritage of Native Americans serving in the Armed Forces as well a fresh perspective on cultural identity in the light of historical tradition.

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Jim Kraft USN F-4 Phantom

Just weeks before getting his pilot wings, Jim Kraft got word that the Squadron he was supposed to report to in Vietnam was destroyed. Reassigned to the Naval Missile Center Point Mugu, the new orders he received changed the course of his life in a very unexpected way. BONUS MATERIAL […]

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Floyd Stacy USMC Chosin Reservoir

Korea, 1950. The US X Corps attempted to force Chinese forces out of North Korea. The 1st Marines division pushed deep into North Korea to the Chosin Reservoir, but found themselves vastly outnumbered. Approximately 15,000 Marines found themselves facing 120,000 Chinese in some of the worst winter warfare conditions ever. […]

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Lance Powlison USMC Desert Storm

LCPL Lance Powlison shares his story of serving as a Combat Engineer and participating in the battle to liberate Kuwait International Airport from besieging Iraqi forces during Operation Desert Storm, 1991. I am brought to tears by the love and commitment of our military to protect this country and her […]

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Zin Watford

Zin Watford USMC Vietnam

Vietnam veteran Zin Watford served with Helicopter squadron HMM 162 as crew chief and Medevac door gunner. He flew nearly 200 missions to rescue injured troops in the jungles of Vietnam. Today Zin hosts a weekly veterans PTSD meeting at his home where he and others are able to find […]

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Mark Wirges

Mark Wirges USMC Vietnam

Mark fought with the 9th Marines Division artillery during the historic battle of Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War. It was longest and deadliest battle of the war lasting 77 days. After the siege, the 9th Marines moved south to VanderGrift Combat base (LZ Studd) where a subsequent battle took […]

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American Warriors Lyle Hicks

Lyle Hicks USN Vietnam

US Navy Veteran Lyle Hicks served aboard the USS Durham (LKA-114) during the Vietnam War and participated in the rescue of over 4,500 south Vietnamese refugees. During the rescue effort, the North Vietnamese military threatened to attack the US ships, so the ships were ordered to leave the area, leaving […]

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