Born and raised in the Great Depression, Les Davis endured hard times. Growing up throughout World War II his view of war, and the world, was limited until he enlisted and deployed to Korea. His first combat experience at Anui resulted in a massacre of US Army troops when ambushed by the North Korean military. Les was one of two to escape and survive the incident. Looking back over his life he admits Korea is still a battle in the mind for him. Until recently, they were memories buried in time. Now he’s building a scrapbook of his life and time in the Army to remember the good and the bad – a tribute to his life and a gift for his daughter to remember him by.

Thank you so much for your service to our great country ….. I’m so sorry it was upon your shoulders a war no one understood… and so young … but again we thank you for your bravery and standing up for our country…may God bless you!

Gail Basnight, YouTube Viewer