Stuart Steinberg | Explosive Ordinance Disposal


From a troubled childhood to finding meaning in saving lives, Stuart Steinberg found his place as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal tech in the Vietnam War. He calls himself an “Existential Doctor”, by performing his job and saving lives. The disposal of explosives and identifying booby traps was common place, although […]

Lt Col Mark Novak | B-29 Doc


LT COL Mark Novak spent 27 years serving in the USAF and ANG, piloting the B-1 Lancer and KC-135, but when he retired, he didn’t stop flying. Today, with over 8,600 flying hours, he’s still racking up more flying the nearly 80 year old B-29 named “Doc” – one of […]

Haden “Gator” Fullam | A-10 Pilot | Afghanistan

USAF Maj Haden “Gator” Fullam is the commander and pilot of the Air Force A-10 Demonstration Team, but there’s much more to this story than just flying airshows. He earned his stunt pilot skills by flying combat missions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Mike Shears USN Vietnam/Tonkin Gulf


Mike was inspired to fly when he was just a kid watching the Blue Angels perform. It grabbed him. He pursued Naval aviation, endured the difficult training and danger associated with it, and successfully qualified in the E2C Hawkeye by age 22. His 1979 deployment took him to the South […]

Lance Powlison USMC Desert Storm


LCPL Lance Powlison shares his story of serving as a Combat Engineer and participating in the battle to liberate Kuwait International Airport from besieging Iraqi forces during Operation Desert Storm, 1991. I am brought to tears by the love and commitment of our military to protect this country and her […]