George Aguilar | Last Warm Springs Veteran | Korean War

George Aguilar (92) is the last living veteran of the Korean War from Warm Springs Tribal Reservation in Central Oregon. In this episode he shares a proud heritage of Native Americans serving in the Armed Forces as well a fresh perspective on cultural identity in the light of historical tradition.

Floyd Stacy USMC Chosin Reservoir


Korea, 1950. The US X Corps attempted to force Chinese forces out of North Korea. The 1st Marines division pushed deep into North Korea to the Chosin Reservoir, but found themselves vastly outnumbered. Approximately 15,000 Marines found themselves facing 120,000 Chinese in some of the worst winter warfare conditions ever. […]

Les Davis US Army Korea


Born and raised in the Great Depression, Les Davis endured hard times. Growing up throughout World War II his view of war, and the world, was limited until he enlisted and deployed to Korea. His first combat experience at Anui resulted in a massacre of US Army troops when ambushed […]